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We are super passionate and dedicated Lean enthusiasts, who have been implementing 'Lean Thinking' in our sister company Klime-Ezee Ltd., since 2012...

We've always opened our doors to others by offering tours around our facility, to encourage knowledge sharing. This has been very rewarding for us, its our way of giving back to our community. A great part of letting people see what we do, is the excitement and growth it vitalises within our team. 

By FAR the best part of our journey is... the chance to help others implement their Lean thinking culture.

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2 Second Lean Book


We always recommend to start with '2 Second Lean', the best book to get you and your team started on your very own Lean journey. 

For a copy of this book and other tools visit our store...


The best way to LEARN is to TEACH. Which is why we host factory tours to help people with their own Lean journey!


We host 2-3 factory tours a month, which are open to companies who are on their Lean journey. They take place at our sister company Klime-Ezee Ltd., in Derbyshire, England.


You should know : Klime-Ezee is not a teaching facility, we cannot 'teach' you Lean and unfortunately, we currently do not open our doors to people who are thinking about starting Lean or who are just curious to see what its all about. However if this is you, please feel free to drop us an email with any questions, we are still here to help!


Regarding a tour, we are looking for people who are serious and engrained in the continuous effort to build a Lean thinking culture, we hope you will also be able to teach something in exchange. 

  • The owner(s) of the business & manager(s) must be present on the tour

  • No more than 18 people per visit (additional visits can be scheduled) 

  • All of the visitors must have read '2 Second Lean' by Paul Akers, PRIOR to the visit

08.00 am   Meet the Tour Hosts
08.15 am   Join our 3Sing
09.45 am   Presentation & Dojo
10.15 am   Morning Meeting
10.45 am   Factory Tour
11.15 am   Q&A
12.00 pm   Tour ends

Thanks for submitting your tour request!

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