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Kaizen Starter Bundle

The Kaizen starter pack is amazing for businesses starting their Lean journey, this pack comes with everything you need to organise office spaces, work spaces and tools!


This pack contains... 


  • 2 x 30mm 1200 x 600 sheets of foam
  • 3 x 57mm 1200 x 600 sheets of foam
  • 1 x Standard Kaizen knife
  • 1 x Thin Kaizen knife
  • 1 x Long nose marker
  • 3 x 2SL books - PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. If you would like any of our other books as replacements then please let us know which ones. 
  • 1 x sheet large Red Kaizen Korners
  • 1 x sheet small Red Kaizen Korners


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Kaizen Starter Bundle

  • This item comes with a 'craft' knife' and is restricted. You must be 18 years or over to purchase this product. 

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