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Kaizen Foam

Kaizen Foam is a great product designed by FastCap LLC., this is by FAR the most amazing product on the market for organisation! 


Its uniquely built up of many layers which are bonded together with a special glue, this makes getting the depth required for your storage needs super easy. Its also waterproof making it highly durable and easy to keep clean! 


Kaizen Foam separates between the layers creating a perfect fit for storing all your tools in drawers / on walls and in office draws to keep your stationary organised. Its also used in garages for storing at home tools, commercial garages for industrial tools, storing your fishing equipment, hair and beauty tools and can even be used in your kitchen at home! 


Just determine where you would like to use it & what you need to organise then select the thickness of foam you require (ensure that the thickness you select is deeper than what you wish to store)!


Sheet size : 

Full : Approx. 1000mm x 610mm 


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Kaizen Foam

SKU: 0001
Colour: Black
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