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Recruiting the right person the first time is a skill only a Jedi Master has, however we have found that hiring for character and training the skill has worked better for us than the conventional way. 

If the character is right and the skills roadmap is there, the employee creates their own opportunities and builds a job role for themselves. 


We first developed our Lean Pathway (formally known as the MATRIX) because of several frustrating factors between our MD and our people...


  • Employees on different salaries... It’s inevitable that you will always end up with employees on different salaries due to ‘historical pay rises'. What we mean by that is you have people that will work doing the same job, in the same office, but you may end up with one employee who will ask for a pay rise annually and one that's too shy to ask for one to be given on merit.

  • Transparency of expectations... A manager's expectations, if not clearly written down, can be lost in translation. How many of us have carried out employee reviews thinking we have defined our expectations clearly, only to be met with having to carry out the same conversation when the next review rolls around? Or maybe your expectations weren't quite met to your standards? What about from the employees side? Ever think you had nailed it, only to be met with a disappointed look from management?

  • Change in culture... Having a lack of core values, consistency and accountability all make part of a toxic work culture and guess what many companies are lacking in all three areas!

With all of the above in mind we set out with a huge goal in mind, to get a methodical approach of people, in line with creating a Lean culture. This would be a 'guide' to encourage change by looking at a person as a whole - Grow People

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