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Available in black or black & white


Thick sheets

With a 5mm

black layer

Black &

White foam

Available in full & half sheets

Stationary photo
Have you ever wondered how much it costs each time an employee takes an unnecessary step?

If you haven't done so, then you should because its costing you a FORTUNE!

Imagine if it costs £1/$1 each time someone takes an unnecessary step away from their desk to find a pen, or a hole punch, or to refill their stapler, with the employee doing this on average four times a day. Each time they do this it takes TEN unnecessary steps, it means the cost in lost productivity would equate to £40/$40 per day. 

If an employee works 240 days per year and moves away from their desk 4 times per day, walking 10 steps each time would mean a cost to the company of £9600/$9600 per year (thats a lot of cash)!

Now what if four employees did this... £38,400/$38,400 per year...You could probably hire another staff member for that.

There is no wonder MOTION is one of the eight deadly wastes.



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Grab your foam, kaizen knife and your long nose marker (we're in love with the gold)

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